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Guide to Crime Prevention

Looking after your home.

Lots of burglaries can be prevented with simple precautions that many people seem to neglect. Burglars like easy opportunities not locked windows because breaking glass as it attracts attention, they don’t like dead lock on doors. Here are a few handy tips to securing your property.

  1. Be alert to strangers loitering in residential streets, if they are suspicious call the police straight away.
  2. Visible burglar alarms make them think twice.
  3. A high wall or fence at the back of your property can put off a burglar. Or a thorny hedge along your boundary can be a useful deterrent. Make sure if you have a hedge that your front door is still visible so that a burglar can’t work unseen.
  4. Even small windows like skylights or fan lights need locks any window larger that a human head is an entry point.
  5. Never leave spare keys in a hiding place under a door mat or flower pot, burglars look there first. Leave them with a neighbor or friend.
  6. Never leave a garden shed or garage unlocked for any period of time however short especially if it has a connecting door to the house. Lock tools and ladders away so that a burglar can’t use it to gain access to your property.
  7. Be wary of leaving first floor windows open if they over look an extension a burglar can climb onto the roof and gain access this way.


  1. Make sure you door is as strong as the main outside door.
  2. Fit hinge bolts which stop someone pulling the door off its hinges.
  3. If you have a telephone entry system don’t let strangers in or hold the door for someone who is arriving as you are leaving.

Shared Accommodation

  1. Keep your room locked when you are in the bathroom or kitchen.
  2. Don’t leave the keys in your door.
  3. Never leave cash or valuables on open view in your room.
  4. Always lock the main entrance door behind you.
  5. Be aware of any strangers around the corridors and report suspicious behavior to the police.

No matter where you live good lighting can deter a thief. Security lights with infra-red sensors are available from DIY stores. Doors should be solid and secure preferably with a dead lock and a chain and use them at all times. Windows can have key locks fitted very easily and give that extra peace of mind. Secure the most vulnerable windows on the ground and first floors and those which cannot be seen from the street but that can be accessed from a drainpipe or extension roof. Patio doors should have special locks fitted top and bottom and locked. In summer its very tempting to leave them open slightly, this however tempting should not be done.   

Police Contact Numbers

  • Brentwood Neighbourhood Policing Team – 07896 871008
  • PCSO – 0300 333 4444
  • Emergency, Crime in Progress – 999
  • Crime Bureau (to obtain incident number) – 0800 0680 998
  • Brentwood Police Station – 01277 262212
  • Brentwood Community Team – 01279 625469
  • Youth Crime / Graffiti Officer – Lee Heaton 01279 621853
  • National Drugs Helpline – 0800 77 66 00