Welcome To The Parish Of Stondon Massey

2019 is an ELECTION year for Stondon Massey Parish Council.

2019 ELECTION for Stondon Massey Parish Council was uncontested. Please see statutory documents page for the Notice of Uncontested Election and statement of persons nominated :- Notice of Uncontested Election – Stondon Massey 2019 (1)    Statement of Persons Nominated – Stondon Massey 2019

Where is Stondon Massey?

Stondon Massey is a small rural parish within Brentwood Borough. The population is currently 727.

Why is the village called Stondon Massey?

Stondon means ‘stone hill’, a Saxon settlement was established near to the site of the 12th Century church of St Peter’s & St Paul’s. A low gravel hill was known as a ‘down’.

Hence the name ‘Stondon’.

‘Massey’ is derived from Serlo de Marci, a Norman knight who lived in Ongar.

The main part of the village is now just over a mile to the south of the church probably due to the plague of 1350.






March’s Parish Council Meeting will be held at the Village Hall on Tuesday 19th March 2019 at 7.30pm